1. The Swim Team are available to deal with any enquiries and will be the route of contact to the Swimming Instructors. You can contact them on 01284 757484 for Bury St Edmunds, 01440 765132 for Haverhill, 01638 782502 for Newmarket and 01638 712515 for Mildenhall
  2. To make sure that swimmers gain the most from their lessons, please provide the Swim Team with any information regarding special needs or medical history.
  3. All swimmers should use the showers and toilets before the lessons. Swimmers should not enter on to the poolside until a few minutes before their lesson is due to begin for safety reasons and so as not to distract any other swimmers.
  4. The Children must not enter the water until the Instructor tells them to do so.
  5. All parents accompanying their children to a swimming lesson will be admitted to the spectator area free of charge. Parents should be aware that they are responsible for their children whilst they are in the changing area.
  6. Spectators and Parents are not allowed on poolside during lessons and should avoid disrupting the lesson by communicating with the swimmers. On the rare occasions a parent is invited onto poolside by the teacher PLEASE REMOVE OUTDOOR SHOES.
  7. Regular visits to the pool to practice between lessons will help swimmers to gain the most from the course.
  8. Swimmers will be provided with a swimming hat which must be worn during lessons. Jewellery should not be worn.
  9. The use of goggles should be discouraged at the beginning, as it hinders the building of water confidence and basic water safety and ill fitting goggles cause a distraction to young swimmers. If your child comes with goggles, the teacher may ask him/her to remove them for all, or part, of the lesson.
  10. Once the course has commenced there will be no refunds or transfer of lessons following a non attendance. If a doctor’s note is provided that states that the swimmer is unable to attend owing to illness, Abbeycroft Leisure will issue a credit for use against future swimming courses. A 25% administration charge will be applied to all refunds.
  11. Free assessments are available for swimmers enrolling for a course. If the swimmer does not attend an assessment and is booked by the parent / guardian into the wrong ability level group (against the advice of the co-ordinator) then Abbeycroft Leisure will endeavour to find a place to match the swimmers needs BUT if there are no places available Abbeycroft Leisure will issue a voucher for use against future swimming courses. No refund will be allowed.
  12. The Centres have a NO Photograph policy.
  13. A locker system is in operation in the changing area. We recommend all swimmers use the lockers provided as Abbeycroft Leisure and Anglia Community Leisure does not accept liability for items lost or damaged in the changing area. NOTHING SHOULD BE LEFT IN THE CHANGING Area/Cubicles.
  14. Abbeycroft Leisure has a Child Behaviour Policy for swimming lessons. Our teachers continually strive for excellence in managing their classes and children’s behaviour, below is an outline of the process that will happen if a child does not adhere to instructions given. • On the first instance of bad behaviour the teacher will correct the behaviour. • On the second instance of bad behaviour, that is similar to the first, the teacher will reprimand in a firmer manner. • If there is a third instance the child may be asked to sit out of the class for a period of up to 2 minutes. • If there is a fourth instance the teacher will report the issue and steps taken to the co-ordinator who will speak to the parents to ensure a plan is put in place for the child’s continued attendance. If a negative behaviour is deemed dangerous or wilful enough the teacher has the option to advance to the stage necessary to ensure the safety of all pupils. These measures are intended to ensure all pupils in a class receive the high level of tuition they expect and is not a method to punish.

Due to the inclusive nature of our lessons there will be occasions when it appears that we deviate from these guidelines, if this is the case a course of action will have been agreed previously with the parent/guardian of the child.